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Raised in the lost settlement of Zaestra, Sophia’s bright disposition, eyes filled with wonder and worry, and skills in the art of aeromancy managed to survive the maelstrom that devastated her home, and survive in the land of Visolensia. A kind soul, Sophia has only slain in self defense, opting to redirect the air around her to shield herself and others. She met her eventual companions, Runty and Jayce, during a raid mission, and the three have been inseparable since. Seeking to avoid conflict, Sophia uses her knowledge of herbs and medicine to provide aid to her friends, and to those around her. Though they managed to escape the cruel continent, Sophia found herself in a new world; Halosin. With Jayce gone, Sophia, along with Runty and their newest companion Raige, begin their travels toward the north, with rumors of forests of magic and blossoming trees sparking hope in her heart. With her soul-bound beast Frey always by her side, Sophia listens to the whispers on the wind, for any news of her lost friends.

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