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“And when you think you've found the most light, that is where the shadow is the deepest."


Shadowmancer Sofie is an ascended missionary of the Stygian Citadel, but she often seems more interested in creating mischief than her role of bringing Halosin citizens into the church. Sofie is able to transform into shadow and move without being impeded by most physical barriers. This allows her to move to locations where she can easily spy on others in order to plan her next impish act and choose her victim. If caught lurking in areas she is not supposed to be, she will first try to use her innocent look and charming, soft voice to disarm those who caught her before slipping into shadows with a sudden grin. If that fails there is always her shadow magic enhanced combat skills to fall back on.


    Sofie’s fighting style carries a mischievous edge to it, as she shifts in and out of the shadows, striking either with her piercing short lance, or using her banner as a foci for her dark spells. Her favorite form of shadow magic robs her opponents of their senses, blinding them in artificial darkness, deafening their ears, and even summoning a numbing cloud that causes them to lose all feeling for a short time. Her tactical choices of spells or attacks with her lance in combat all come down to what impulse strikes her in the heat of the moment. This chaotic combat style makes her hard to counter and impossible to predict. Opponents are constantly left wondering what she might possibly do next as they try to battle the giggling menace. Sofie’s only consistent goal in combat is to toy with her opponents. If she ever feels outmatched by a foe she will simply fade into the shadows. Often after giving one last a little jab with the lance or a burst of her magic as a spiteful departing gift. 


    Sofie is not always causing mischief, and when she's not, she is often trying out many different aspects of life: singing, dancing, cooking, painting, sculpting, or whatever catches her fancy at that fleeting moment. She lacks the attention span and devotion to keep with whatever project she picked up in that moment. Due to her now incredibly long life, perhaps she will try a few things enough times to actually get skilled in one of these potential hobbies... but likely not. She will continue wasting her free time leaping from impulse to impulse. Ironically, she does seem to show great focus on her duties as a missionary.


    A devoted follower of the Khult’s religion, Sofie seeks to advance the influence of the church within Halosin. She believes firmly in the power and beauty of darkness and dreams of the day when the church is able to bring eternal darkness to the world, creating the perfect playground for her to enjoy. Her acts of mischief are not only used to hinder opposition in Halosin to their teaching, but attracts the attention of those unsatisfied with the status quo within the Kingdom. Once she has gotten the attention of these outcasts or dissatisfied populace, she uses her innocent eyes and enchanting beauty to further disarm them, and make them receptive to hers and the other Shadowmancer’s sermons. Thus she represents a much greater threat than her mischief would suggest by increasing the influence of the church within the borders of the Kingdom of Halosin. 

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