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On Sandy Shores: Preview

Here you can discover all the details on the new sub-set
and get a sneak peek at new illustrations, cards and development.

New Layout for All Sub-Sets

Beyond a brand new box design, all sub-sets after Festival of Fusumbre will follow with a newly
developed format and opening experience. Each box will feature 12 Packs, including 8 cards in each pack. Rarities and rates will stay the same as main sets. On average, each box will have 8 Rares, 3 Mystics and 1 Parable. Gold Foil Stamped & Rainbow Foil Stamped Alternate Art Scripts will continue as a chase and on average will land 1 per case. Lastly, Sandy Shores continues on theme with a dedicated /50 Serialized bonus chase.

Brand New Pre-Order System

With Archnotes getting much closer to fulfillment, we wanted to develop our own unique release system that benefits not only the community, but helps continue to push Fabled-S in a good development direction. As many know, original illustrations consume a vast chunk of each sets timeline, and budget. This system allows a continuous workflow for illustrations for future sets to be constantly developed, but it should not come without benefit. Most Pre-Order systems don't really reward the consumer for their patience, and this is what we want to change. Check out the details below.

Exclusive Playmat for Case Pre-Orders

Each Booster Case will include an original, exclusive to Pre-Orders playmat.

Exclusive Promo for Box Pre-Orders

Each Booster Box will include a special foil version of the box art card, Siren Song.
This will include a Script Variant being randomly seeded throughout.

Foil Boxes for Pre-Orders

Upon fulfillment, you'll notice something a bit unique in your order.
All Pre-Order boxes will feature a unique rainbow foil box design.
Internally, all contents will stay the same between Pre-Order & Regular Release,
with the exception of Regular Release not having foil boxes.


Unique Pricing & Magikoin Bonus for Pre-Orders

10% off will be applied for Booster Boxes and Booster Cases, and all site members
will continue to receive 1x Magikoin for every dollar spent on all purchases throughout the duration of Pre-Orders.

Booster Box: Estimated MSRP: $49.95 (Regular Release)
Booster Case [12 Boxes] Estimated MSRP: $599.95 (Regular Release)

Booster Box: Estimated MSRP: $44.95 (Pre-Order)
Booster Case [12 Boxes] Estimated MSRP: $539.95 (Pre-Order)

Official Fabled-S LGS

Official Fabled-S Stores will now have a dedicated section of the site for ordering.
Approved stores receive exclusive pricing, prize support and 24/7 customer support
 utilizing the the Fabled-S Play Network (Magus Academy).
To get approved to be an Official Fabled-S Retailer, please fill out our retailer form,
or send an email to


A Sneak Peak

Join our cast in their adventure to the serene realm of Reverie.
Where the suns rays and vibrant island landscape act as a true escape,
but remember, some things are not always as they seem...


On Sandy Shores Pre-Orders are scheduled to go live on Tuesday, February 6th.
They will be live for 3 weeks and close on Tuesday February 27th.
Estimate shipping date for regular release is Tuesday, May 27th.
Pre-Orders will have the benefit of shipping 1 week prior to regular release.

Timelines are subject to change but as always, we will provide consistent regular updates.
Box and Pack artwork mock-ups are subject to change, but in general the goal is to
keep the final product as similar to the mock-ups as possible.


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