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The wandering soul of Avalos, the man goes by Runthimus in this lifetime, appearing as a young man with eyes of blazing azure. Throughout his journeys on Xeirin, Runthimus, Runty to those he trusts and loves, has changed his physical form, appearing as the simplest beast to the prince of the lost Kingdom of Threshissmin. His attitude toward life never wavers or changes, nor has his soul, only growing stronger and wiser with each life passed. His skills of tools and evasion allows this powerful being options to escape and to fight. In this current life, Runthimus found himself in Visolensia, a land of lost dreams and blood. In his journeys, he stayed for a time in Serengal, training his apprentice Jayce, only to watch the continent succumb to the demon plague. Now, in his journeys on the Halosian Peninsula, one of his old birthlands, Runthimus used his honed soul observation skills to discover and befriend a young man, from deep within the Deathforest - Psymon. The two have since been together, as Runthimus can appreciate the one thing he never had in his lives - a best friend.

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