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Redemption Submissions

Looking to redeem active redemptions in the Fabled-S Realm?
Please read the step-by-step instruction belows.

Current Active Redemptions:

Keystone Pack 01:
KP01-EN006 - "Sinroshi" (Red Foil Stamp - Character Quote)     |     QTY Available: 12
KP01-EN008 - "Ember's Embrace" (Red Foil Stamp - Character Quote)    |     QTY Available: 12

Redemption Information:

Cards Required:
KP01-EN003, KP01-EN004, KP01-EN005, KP01-EN006, KP01-EN007, KP01-EN008, KP01-EN009, KP01-EN010

When submitting the above cards, you will receive one of either "Sinroshi" or "Ember's Embrace" at random.
If submitting two complete sets of the above cards, you will receive one of each "Sinroshi" and "Embers Embrace".

Max Submissions:
Currently you may submit no more than two full sets.

Submission Steps:

1: Make sure you have all cards required for the cards you wish to redeem.

2: Fill out the Redemption Submission Form below.

3: Once you've completed the Submission Form, you'll
receive a confirmation email in 1-2 business days.

(Do not ship until you've received a confirmation email.)

4: Ship cards to:

Fabled Sagas

P.O. Box 3748
Seal Beach CA 90740-9998

5. Once your physical submission is received, you'll receive
another email once your Redemptions have shipped.

Your redemption cards will ship no later than 5 Business Days from when receive your submission.
Cards submitted for the Redemption Cards are not returned with the Redemption Cards, buyer acknowledges this upon sending in.​
If you're an International sender, we may be able to help with shipping cost. Please ask about this in the submission form.
Available quantities above are only updated once a submission has been confirmed.


Redemption Submission

Please fill out all sections accurately.

Thanks for your submission!

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