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"Others like me... there must be at least one..."

Guild: Oddling  |  Height: ?cm  |  Weight: ?kg  |  Nature: Odd

Some would say the beauty of the world is best experienced in solitude. I suppose that there is some truth to that. I’ve seen beautiful things across all aspects of this realm, and there is something special about seeing them alone. I only wish that I did, if I chose, had someone like me to share them with.


Unknowingly the last of his kind, Psymon is an especially seasoned traveler for one of his age. Searching for another like him, he has wandered all across the kingdom of Halosin, and outside of the region on occasion. The kind, quiet young man has been accredited as both a good companion and a well of worldly knowledge he has gleaned over years of wandering. 


Wise beyond his years, he is always happy to share stories of his travel and knowledge he has gained with those it would interest, becoming known as somewhat of a storyteller, a pensive one, but one easy to persuade to share his tales. Towns and hamlets welcome Psymon with open arms for this reason, families having pity on him for his quest and innkeepers seeing the value in one as well traveled as he.


Those who have remained with him for extended periods have described him as misguided in his search, as there are rumors of delves into troves of dark and esoteric lore left best forgotten. He has a knack for finding and remembering these forbidden things, and this alongside the libraries worth of information Psymon has accrued has marked him as a valuable asset to those who may want to exploit this knowledge in one way or another. He is aware of this though, and has become somewhat paranoid because of it. Not letting this bring him down, though, he is somewhat less deeply trusting but chooses not to hold this against anyone, holding the belief that while there may be few that would have malicious or manipulative intentions with him, those are just that - the few.

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