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Ryokasai Playmat (Clear Stitched Edges) + 1x Promo Card

Each playmat comes with one random Lores Series promo of either "Ryoko, Lady of the Jademist" or "Kindlemage: Kasai". Each promo comes in an individual sealed clear promo pack. These playmats are in hand, but won't ship until the promos arrive. If you prefer you're playmat be shipped by itself first, and then the cards upon their arrival, please leave a note in your order and we will make sure the playmat ships right away. The promos are already currently in production and are expected to arrive to us by the first week of February.


Disclaimer: If possible delays are something you're uncomfortable with, we suggest not placing an order. If possible delays are something you're okay with, we appreciate your patience and dedication as we continue to develop as a company and community. As always, we recommend joining the Fabled-S Discord as this will have continuous updates on production, lead times and fulfillment. We will always do everything we can to update as often as we can for the community.


Meet the second Fabled-S playmats, featuring "Ryoko, Lady of the Jademist" and "Kindlemage: Kasai"! With the initial gameplay finalized, and demo testing currently in progress, we're happy to share the foundation of what the Map you'll be playing on looks like. Each playmat has clear stitched edges, just for that little extra oomph! You're also able to select if you'd like a zone or zoneless version of the playmat, or both