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"On Sandy Shores" Booster Box (Retailer, Pre-Order 2.0)

Welcome to the latest Fabled-S sub-set! Sandy Shores features a brand new box design, alongside a newly developed format and opening experience. Each Booster Case comes with 12 Booster Boxes. Each Booster Box will feature 12 Packs, including 8 cards in each pack. Rarities and rates will stay the same as main sets. On average, each box will have 8 Rares, 3 Mystics and 1 Parable. Gold Foil Stamped & Rainbow Foil Stamped Alternate Art Scripts will continue as a chase and on average will land 1 per case. Lastly, Sandy Shores continues on theme with a dedicated /50 Secret Rare bonus chase.


"On Sandy Shores" Preview Page



Pre-Order 2.0 Exclusives

  • 1x "Come One Come All" Foil Promo with every box.
  • If ordering two boxes you will receive both variants of the Promo.


Estimated Shipping Date:

  • Tuesday, June 3rd 2024 (With the arrival of Archnotes coming soon, this product may be subject to minor fulfillment delays. If delays happen, you will be emailed updates right away.)


Game Stores:

  • To get approved to be an Official Fabled-S Retailer, please fill out our retailer form: 


  • Or send an email to

"On Sandy Shores" Booster Box (Retailer, Pre-Order 2.0)

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