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"On Sandy Shores" Booster Box (e-Retailer, Pre-Order 2.0)

Welcome to the latest Fabled-S sub-set! Sandy Shores features a brand new box design, alongside a newly developed format and opening experience. Each Booster Case comes with 12 Booster Boxes. Each Booster Box will feature 12 Packs, including 8 cards in each pack. Rarities and rates will stay the same as main sets. On average, each box will have 8 Rares, 3 Mystics and 1 Parable. Gold Foil Stamped & Rainbow Foil Stamped Alternate Art Scripts will continue as a chase and on average will land 1 per case. Lastly, Sandy Shores continues on theme with a dedicated /50 Secret Rare bonus chase.


"On Sandy Shores" Preview Page



Pre-Order 2.0 Exclusives

  • 1x "Come One Come All" Foil Promo with every box.
  • If ordering two boxes you will receive both variants of the Promo.


Estimated Shipping Date:

  • Tuesday, June 3rd 2024


Game Stores:

  • To get approved to be an Official Fabled-S Retailer, please fill out our retailer form: 


  • Or send an email to

"On Sandy Shores" Booster Box (e-Retailer, Pre-Order 2.0)

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