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"Magikitten: Fuwafuwa" 8" Plush

Each Plush comes with 1x " Magikitten: Fuwafuwa" Lore Series Promo.


Meet the first ever official Fabled-S Plush, "Magikitten: Fuwafuwa". Add a dash of cuteness to your collection with one of the first ever Fabled-S creatures transformed into an 8" bundle of all things adorable. But beware, while Fuwa comes off as all cuddle and no bite, the Magikitten always has a few soul-sucking tricks up his fuzzy sleeves. Oh, and to top it off, his bells rings! (Yes, he's aware his face is a little flatter than on his best days, but it won't stop him from attempting his Magi-takeover. Meheheow!)



  • Size: Approx. 8" inches tall
  • Material: Cotton/Polyester blend
  • Smooth quality, clean stitching

"Magikitten: Fuwafuwa" 8" Plush

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