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Festival of Fusumbre (Booster Pack)

Available at 10:00a PST on 10.10.2023.


Max amount of packs per order; 20. If an individual order contains more than 20 packs, the amount of packs over the limit will be refunded until the order meets our guidelines. This product is in hand and will ship immediately. We'll do our best to ensure every order is shipped within 48 hours of when it's placed. Orders may be adjusted at our discrection.


Welcome to the 'Festival of Fusumbre'! The brand new mini-set features all manners of unique goodies, including the continuation of Preludes and the introduction of Black & White Scripts. Each pack contains 3 cards; 1 Basic, 1 Mystic (or higher) and 1 Basic.


Set list available here:


As a friendly reminder, a 15-part Lore Series dedicated to the set and it's lore is also featured on the site. We'll be hosting another rendition of Trivia Night once more in Discord, where everyone has a chance to win free 'Festival of Fusumbre' packs! (Date TBA)

Festival of Fusumbre (Booster Pack)

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