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False Ashes Playmat (Black Stitched Edges) + 1x Promo Card

Each playmat comes with 1x Lore Series "False Ashes of Rimesoul"! Each promo card comes in an individually sealed clear promo pack. Both the playmat and the promo card are in hand and ship immediately.


Meet the first Fabled-S playmats, featuring "False Ashes of Rimesoul"! With the initial gameplay finalized, we're happy to share what the Map you'll be playing on looks like. Each playmat has black stitched edges, just for that little extra oomph! You're also able to select if you'd like a zone or zoneless version of the playmat, or both, as we know everyone has their preferences. 



  • Size: 24 x 14" (61 x 36cm)
  • Thickness: 1/16" (2mm)
  • Smooth quality, cloth top and stable rubber bottom
  • Safe to iron and machine washable
  • Will roll out smoothly with no folds or creases

False Ashes Playmat (Black Stitched Edges) + 1x Promo Card

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