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How Lore Influences Gameplay

Fabled-S was designed to be more than just effects slapped on cards for a grand old time. The lore and the gameplay itself are developed side by side, in a unique fluidity with one another. Our writers and gameplay developers work directly with one another to create an immersion that we feel simply hasn't been done justice in games prior. Let's use the powerful & devoted Magi family as our lead example before diving into a few others.

The Magi family of the Magikingdom are an elusive group of magical beings. Living north of the Halosian Peninsula, this family of inviolable beings thrive on the energy of their bond. Literally. Rumors have spread and swirled about grand feasts of the family, where members seemingly become too ill to attend them for a time. These rumors are only partially true, as it can be seen with their cards; the souls of the family members strengthen each other, some with more direct links to each other, making their Strikes more potent and more devastating. As souls are sent, temporarily of course, to the Afterlost; they bolster the resolve of the remaining to do their best. After all, united they stand, divided you’ll fall.

The Astralillies are beings made of the wishes and desires of those who summon them. Typically from the dreams and hearts of children, their power comes from the strength of what brought them to existence. As such, their strongest effects require a self cost from your Deck, in order to invoke such Judgments. And as such, they pass their own strength to others, as defenders of their sacred wishes.

The Dreamsweepers are an antagonist guild of Fabled, known for manipulation and control, particularly outside of the field of sight and within the Unconscious. As such, their skills manipulate their attributes, or control the draw from your deck to be in your favor. To further their nefarious intents, their strongest skills inflict control over opposing values, or even bring back the lost from the clutches of the Unconscious, or as some have come to call it, the Afterlost!

The Hexisters are a mystery. They exist as the chaos of this world, seemingly only happy with the struggles and strife of others. Or maybe there is more to what they are under the surface. These characters are hard to pin down in life, and in the cards, as they can avoid magic and Strikes or make other targets more desirable. They seem somewhat harmless for now, but one must never let their Guard down…

Normal... is anything but. It’s the barest and rawest form of magic in this world. It specializes in no element except the one that matters; power. The essence of magic, untainted by an outside aspect. While heat creates Voltic and Inferno, cold creates Shadow and Frost, motion creates Gale and Aqueous, and stillness creates Terra and Sylvan, and Radiance is the combination of all of these, Normal stands above them by being the lack of them all. True, normal does have a Jack of all Trades aspect to it by being weaker than a specialized skill. But it’s this enigma to the magic, to be the base and yet untarnished variant, that makes it strong. For only the most skilled can be masters of Normal magic, which is often changed to another attribute without fine tuning.

By creating such immersion, we hope that we can get lost in the world of Fabled on more than simply a card game front, but by running off in an entire different world together.


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