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"Very unfortunate for us both, fate had our paths cross here."

Guild: Visolensia  |  Height: 182cm  |  Weight: 77kg  |  Nature: Decisive

Born in the coastal village of Serengal in the cursed island continent of Visolensia, Jayce trained the way of the sword from a young age with his mentor, Runthimus. At the age of eighteen, Jayce lost his village, home, and mother to a hoard of demons, and in turn honed his skills further to defeat any creature, demon or man, that sought to cause harm to the people around him. A master of twin swordsmanship, Jayce uses his unique attack style and powerful blades to teleport into battle, and seal a single, devastating blow. After leaving Visolensia and traveling to Halosin with his friends, Jayce separated to follow a cry from the sky. In return, Jayce found himself in Eryia’s Field of Wishes, and soon befriended the radiant flower, Rosalie. The two now travel, protecting the people of Halosin from the wickedness that spreads in the heart of all beings, including Jayce himself. With his mentor keeping an eye on his progress, and his friends by his side, Jayce walks the fine line between light and dark, and carries the fate of many on his back.

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