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“Between your little chirps and Caelum’s dumb jokes, I can’t help but smile after a long day.”


Twin sister of Caelum, Celeste Hirawa is a born warrior. Being the older of the two siblings, though Caelum will argue several minutes shouldn’t matter, Celeste has taken the duty of protector of her family to heart. Celeste, like her brother, shares a lineage with the ancient tribes of this world, and as such has a powerful soul, the source of her base proficiency with blades.


Growing up in a foreign land, Celeste and Caelum were raised by their father, after their mother left in the night while they were both still infants. As they grew, Caelum and her father often went out on excursions, hunting for food or gathering supplies from the nearby wilderness. This never bothered Celeste, who often trained by herself in the forests surrounding her cottage. Her training evolved from felled branches to rusted blades she found in a nearby ruin, and eventually to a basic steel sword she received as a reward for a particularly demonic bounty.


It was this hunt that solidified Celeste’s drive to banish darkness from the land. It was also this job that granted Celeste’s deepest desire, and blood-right; the draconic beast named Talos. The creature was borne of Celeste’s deep wish for a companion, for someone to protect her, during her batte with the demon. And ever since, Talos has almost never left Celeste’s side.


Soon after, Celeste and Caelum lost their father to a wicked source, who’s corruption tainted the soul of her brother in the assault. Between the creation of Talos, and the corruption of Caelum’s soul, the twins departed their homeland in search of answers; what power did the souls of humans hold? Could a cure to Caelum’s affliction be found from within, or from an equally powerful source of magic? The two knew these answers lay elsewhere, and so their journey began.


Eventually, their months of travel brought the pair to the Halosian peninsula, and to the King’s Quarry. It is here the two showed extraordinary skill in battle and strategy, holding off the warped beasts who swarmed the sacred grounds. It is here that the King of Halosin welcomed the two with open arms, and where the two began their lives in the Kingdom of Halosin.


These days, Celeste can be found training in the Kingdom, out exploring the land, or sneaking food with her trusted Dracloud by her side. Celeste acts as the Chief Guard and Adventurer of the kingdom’s royal defense force, known simply as the King’s Shield. It is her duty to train the newest recruits to the protection of the kingdom, as well as venturing to particularly magical locations, to uncover the sources of these magical hotspots. Armed with the King’s treasured Glystal Blade, the Dawn, Celeste is always itching to go out and learn more of this world and its magic. For surely the answers they seek are here… she can feel it. And with her brother’s research and Talos’ companionship, nothing can stop her or her mission.

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