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"Fumi is going to lose it when I show him what I found!"

Guild: Hirawa  |  Height: 191cm  |  Weight: 71kg  |  Nature: Intrepid

“Asher! Here boy! I can’t believe we found this here! Fumi is going to be furious with… hey! Wait for me!”


Twin brother of Celeste, Caelum Hirawa is a master of strategy and research, with a natural inclination to dig deeper and deeper into a topic than what would be considered normal. The younger of the twins, Caelum uses humor and his knowledge to try to appear older than his sister. Though these pranks and jokes are meant to be friendly, as he does look up to his sister immensely, as she does him. Like his sister, Caelum shares a lineage with the ancient tribes of this world, and as such has a powerful soul, the source of his increased mental capacity and curiosity.


The loss of their mother affected Caelum more outwardly than his sister, as he was plagued by nightmares in his childhood after she left their family. These were often remedied by soothing talks from Celeste, and gentle back rubs from his father, their sole provider now. Eventually, Caelum and his father would go on journeys in their land, gathering supplies while Celeste trained and maintained their cottage. These trips always sparked Caelum’s curiosity, as he learned about the various fauna and flora of their world. This curiosity eventually led Caelum to discover a hidden talent lying in wait in his blood; Caelum could communicate and empathize with the beasts of the area. Though these connections would typically be a basic understanding of the chirps and growls of the creatures around him, one species of beast connected with Caelum in a deeper way; the Adolwolves.


During the Blink, a moment where the primary celestial bodies of this world release their contained magic upon the surface of the world, Caelum became separated from his father and sister. Alone and afraid in the woods, with only the shimmering waves of light and magic echoing above him, Caelum wished for his family. A light bark broke the silence around him, and before him was an Adolwolf cub. Caelum immediately understood this beast too was alone, and embraced the wild creature. No longer alone, the two young ones waited and rest.


By daylight, the lonely Adolwolf and boy parted, but this interaction left an impression on Caelum. One that would stay with him until that fateful day, in Halosin, where he would meet the Adolwolf named Asher, who has almost never left Caelum’s side to this day.


The lives of the three humans and the two newest beast companions were simple and nice. Until the fateful day. The day when Caelum and his father, drawn forth to a clearing away from their cottage, were attacked by what could best be described as a shadow of immense and wicked spite, stemming from an ancient monolith. The attack took the life of their father, and latched itsef to Caelum’s soul, twisting his mind with dark whispers. Without their father and needing to find answers to the questions that haunted them, the twins departed their homeland, and eventually made their way to the Kingdom of Halosin.


These days, Caelum can be found deep in his study in the Catacombs, researching the artifacts and tomes as Chief Researcher with his studious, albeit overly serious companion, Fumi. When he does decide to take a break, he can be found in the courtyard, playing with Asher and attempting to practice the Charms he discovered through his studies. At the end of a long day, Caelum’s greatest joy is returning to his room to spend time with his sister, and hear about her day. And, in turn, Celeste listens with immense interest and curiosity at the tales of her ‘reckless genius’ of a brother. 

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