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"The fragrance draws all things good to you!"

Guild: Astralillies  |  Height: 167cm  |  Weight: 43kg  |  Nature: Playful

Oh, hello traveler! You… don’t belong here, do you? I thought not. Eryia's is quite far from well, anywhere, really… so quite lost, no? Almost bafflingly so. Well, come with me. We’ll get you back to where you need to be. 


This world is a dark one, if you know where to look. After all, shadowed goals and desires hide within everyone, no? This could be considered a misconception after meeting the darkness-piercing light and vibrance that is Rosalie. A protector of all that is good, driven by Eriya’s magic and a child’s wish of protection, there is no better guide or protector than the original Astralily, if you can prove yourself worthy of protection. There are two sides to every story, after all, and those impure of heart fear her, simply for her ultimate goal of purging all darkness from the world. While her definition of darkness may be one most may agree with, it is hers and hers alone.


Those who know her beyond this grandiose reputation see this goal as what she originated from: the wish of an innocent child. Described as innocent, naive and admittedly quite clumsy, but sweet nevertheless, the undertones of the perfect friend shine through in all her actions. Almost as if, deep down, she knows the scale of her mission of purification and protection to be greater than she understands, there is a certain uncertainty about her. A wavering in self confidence that comes off as being humble. Though, under her circumstances, who would not - human or magical being alike?


The Astralillies are her project, her gift to the world, and her friends. A group of individuals she deems like minded enough to further her eternal quest. To quite a few of them, they are each other’s families, as Rosalie understands feelings of loss and abandonment, and wishes to stamp them out in those she chooses to join her cause. Together, if they wished, they would be a force to be reckoned with. Guided by Rosalie’s gentle hand, however, they are a pure force of good in a dark world.

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