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"When the last of my petals descend, use this key."

Guild: Astralillies  |  Height: 164cm  |  Weight: 49kg  |  Nature: Sprightly

Whenever someone refers to the so-called “Grace of the Astralillies,” I often refer them to Kordesii. She’s quite brash and rather irreverent, but in that endearing sort of way that makes her quite sociable. Be weary, though. Despite her sweet exterior, there are those who say that a calculating coldness is hidden within her.


Judge, jury and executioner, or peaceful guide to a life beyond? Nobody can truly say what goes through the mind of someone as enigmatic as Kordesii, though evidence speaks for itself. Death follows her, may it be cause or coincidence, and she is a bad omen to many that know of her. What is unknown to those who find reason for fear in her, is her job as a guide of souls to reincarnation, stripped of sin by Eryia’s magic. There are stories told of this feline reaper, some revenant and others fearful. 


Less centralized than the rest of the Astralillies, it is not uncommon for her to undertake expeditions by herself, some lasting for only a day or two, others weeks. During these times, many stories arise of her travels by those who do not truly understand her mission. Tales of a blade-wielding figure lingering just out of view, faint wisps of ghostly light flitting around whatever beast or demon this may be. Accounts of the flamboyant feline entering into a home, only to have it's resident found dead moments after she leaves. There are no good reports of if she causes death or simply follows it, leading to her mysterious nature.


But what of her herself? She is content with her life and job, treasuring each interaction with one whose life is slipping away from them, taking pride in guiding them to, may it be or not, she sees as a better, purer life. Life is a game to her, a cycle that continues on and on, and a fear of death is not something she’s acquainted with and finds nonsensical. Why be afraid if there’s always something better beyond the cold gate of death? Guiding souls is not just her mission, but her passion, one she enjoys, takes pride in, and is willing to help with in a more… physical way… when the need arises.

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