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What is Archnotes?

Archnotes is the beginning of the first 3-part Chapter of the Fabled Sagas universe. The entirety of Archnotes features multiple different products and chapters within the lore. Reports on those products can be found in the Card Index and feature; Archnotes (Booster), Archnotes (Initiator Decks), Keystone Pack 1, Keystone Pack 2, Festival of Fusumbre & On Sandy Shores.

What is the current Kickstarter timeline for fulfillment?

Originally fulfillment was supposed to happen at the end of Quarter 1 2024. Instances such as additional Alternate Art Scipts and other cards being added to the set, card revisions, freight timelines & challenges have set it back 3 months so far. Where it currently stands, Archnotes should be arriving within the first two weeks of August and will additionally take a 1-2 more weeks of inland travel time and preparation. This puts the total delay of our initial projection behind about 4.5 months, between the 2nd and 3rd weeks of August. This is the most recent update and for the time being, when everyone should expect product to begin fulfillment. If there are further challenges, they will be shared on this page immediately.

What product is coming in the first wave of Kickstarter fulfillment?

- Archnotes (Booster)
- Archnotes (Initiator Decks)
- Archnotes (Single Packs)
- Foil Orb Packs
- Keystone Pack 2
- Ryoko Alternate Art Foil Promo (Every Tier)
- Rosalie & Kordesii Team-Up Foil Promo (Script Chance, Every Tier)
- Vagabonds Colored Foil Promo (Every Tier)
- Notes of the Akashic Foil Promo (If you had the Archnotes Archive.)
- Celeste, Blinding Luminescence Lore Foil Promo (If you had a playmat.)
- Caelum, Crimson Gloom Lore Foil Promo (If you had a playmat.)
- Dracloud Underling, Talos Lore Foil Promo (If you had a tee.)
- Jayce, Unyielding Blade Lore Foil Promo (Every Tier)
- Dracloud Underling, Talos Chibi Foil Promo (If you had a Manga.)
- False Ashes of Rimesoul Chibi Foil Promo (If you had a Manga.)


Can you remind us what changed with any of the Kickstarter product?

Team-Up packs changed from only a potential 5 card set, into Keystone 2. Which now features Silver Preludes, Gold Serialized Preludes, Gold Alternate Art Scripts, Rainbow Serialized Alternate Art Scripts, All 5 Foil Team-Ups, Manga Rares and 8 other cards getting foil treatment that didn't get them in Archnotes.

Blister Packs were cancelled and anyone receiving 24 or more Blister Packs in their tier would instead get an entire box to replace them. If you had less than 24 Blister Packs, you'd being receiving loose packs from fresh boxes (properly protected of course). Everyone will also be receiving additional Archnotes Packs and Keystone 2 Packs to help make up for the change.


How do I know what to look for and what the rarities are in Archnotes?

Each Archnotes Booster Box comes with 24 packs. Every box at minimum will have 2 Parables, 6 Mystics and 16 Rares. The rarity icons are shown on the bottom-center of every card. Parable = Purple "P", Mystic = Blue "M", Rare = Red "R", Basic = Black "B". Any holo replaces the Rare in any given pack. Beyond the above rarities, every box also has chances at Alternate Art Gold Scripts, Alternate Art Rainbow Serialized Scripts /10, and the Gold Rune Stamped Secret Rare /100. Alternate Art Gold Scripts are on average 2 per case. Each case contains 12 Booster Boxes.

Keystone 2 is available for Patreon Redemptions, is there any other way to get Keystone 2?

For the first week or two, Keystone 2 will only be available through Patreon Redemptions. Once things settle and those are shipped, Keystone 2 may be available in small bundles on the Marketplace similar to how Keystone 1 was. 

Are there any Redemptions for Archnotes product?

Yes, quite a few. They will be revealed as soon as fulfillment begins. These include some of things we spoke on before like Test Prints, Uncut Sheets, etc.

What else is planned for Archnotes release?

Website Scavenger Hunts, Trivia Nights (Lore & Gameplay), Giveaways from us and multiple Streamers, Webcam & Online Tournaments. These will all appear in the News section of the site and emails will be sent for updates to subscribers.

What are Scavenger Hunts?

Scavenger Hunts are a fun new way for the community to get together and find clues throughout the website that lead to secret Marketplaces with unique product. Sometimes it will be free product, sometimes it will be unique cards no one has had the chance to get their hands on before.

How can I learn to play & who can I play with?

For smaller games still growing, finding people locally to play with can be sometimes be harder. We've developed a card database and deck builder to help friends play online with each other and others in the community. You can check out the Fabled: Magus Academy, search all playable cards and find people to play with. Once you have a deck built here, you can copy and paste the code directly into TTS to play with the exact deck you've built. Within Discord, you can also select special roles and check for learn to play sessions in the "Celeste's Training Grounds" channel in Discord.

When will the rest of Kickstarter be fulfilled?

Stay in tune here for timelines as they update.

- Archnotes Archive (TBD)
- Manga (TBD)
- Playmats (TBD)
- Sleeves (TBD)
- Sketch Cards (TBD)
- Apparel (TBD)


What's happening with On Sandy Shores and how long is the delay?

On Sandy Shores is seeing some revisions do to gameplay challenges and will be delayed at least until Archnotes is fulfilled. While the entire art of the set is completed, including new additional chases we've decided to add even more to spice up the set while awaiting the final revisions. Beyond the Alternate Art Gold Scripts, Alternate Art Rainbow Scripts Serialized /10 and the Secret Rare /50, On Sandy Shores will now feature brand new Sketch Rares and Manga Rares. Because of this delay, anyone that pre-ordered On Sandy Shores will be receiving free bonus packs upon delivery.

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